Here is a relatively endearing story: Ten years ago Daniel and Jordan of Toledo were 12 years old, separately busking in a small port town in north east Massachusetts and rather than compete with one another, they joined forces. Adorable of course but what has resulted from that preteen meeting is a musical chemistry that is clearly forged through day after day, year after year collaboration now expressed in their underground indie folk band Toledo. 


There is an underlying DIY esthetic that can be overshadowed by the blatant talent of the band. There is a relate-ablity in the lyrics that doesn’t give one the sense that their debut effort is actually a concept album analyzing the origins of mythological characters such as Hesperus, St. Sebastian, and Polyhymnia.


Daniel and Jordan’s dynamic and impressive vocals, difficult to tell apart from the years of honing their craft together; emote without effort. Toledo delivers satisfying yet surprising melodic and lyrical choices that draw from influences ranging from Radio Head and Real Estate to Nick Drake and Feist. These early 20’s multi instrumentalist have proven with their at times dreamy and sometimes raucous debut album that they are ready to ascend from the street to the stage.